quarta-feira, outubro 10, 2007

CEO do ABN renuncia

O CEO do ABN renunciou hoje. Segundo o comunicado à imprensa a decisão foi tomada em conjunto com o Supervisory Board do Banco.
Rijkman Groenink, em suas próprias palavras, disse que como os acionistas decidiram abraçar a fusão com o consórcio é pertinente que ele se desligue da organização no momento e abra caminho para um sucessor que possa e deseje implementar os planos do consórcio.
O consórcio pretende fatiar o ABN AMRO entre seus integrantes e é muito provável que a marca ABN AMRO deixe de existir no mercado bancário mundial.

Arthur Martinez, Chairman of the Supervisory Board said: "Rijkman Groenink deserves a great deal of recognition for his achievements on behalf of the bank during his career of more than 30 years. Under his leadership, ABN AMRO has been transformed into a well-integrated banking group with a clear focus on the mid-market segment for both consumer and commercial clients. The two competing offers we received for ABN AMRO are evidence of our solid results, the increase in profitability and the value that has been created for shareholders in recent years. Particularly during the course of the last year, Rijkman has successfully steered the bank through a period of intense pressure and managed the takeover process responsibly. This has allowed us to stay on course even in difficult market conditions. On behalf of ABN AMRO employees worldwide, I would like to thank Rijkman for his commitment and I wish him all the best in work and in life."

Rijkman Groenink said: "My main driver has always been to provide a prosperous and profitable future for the clients, employees and shareholders of our bank. I am proud of the large number of customers who have been able to realise their personal and professional dreams with the support of ABN AMRO. I am proud of our employees who – also in the sometimes difficult conditions of the last few months – have always been ready to serve our clients."

"In April, the bank wholeheartedly embraced a merger with our partner of choice as the next step in our long-term strategy. Shareholders have now chosen for the Consortium's offer. That is why it is appropriate for me to make way for a successor who is willing and able to execute the Consortium's plan. With this decision I not only close the door on my years at the bank, but I say goodbye to many wonderful colleagues and friends who I have had the privilege of working with over the past 33 years.

I wish all employees, customers and others who hold ABN AMRO dear all the best for the future."

É um final melancólico para uma das maiores instituições financeiras do mundo e o maior Banco privado da Holanda.

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